About us

BENETRONIC is a Czech research and development company involved in the manufacture and sale of intelligent assistive aids. We have developed internationally unique assistive devices which help our clients handle and control various appliances and electronics, such as computers, mobile phones, TVs, lights, heating, doorbells, etc.

The assistive aids can be controlled by various methods, such as breathing, touch, voice, facial expressions or tongue, depending on the choice of an individual user.

Our devices can be used by people with multiple sclerosis, genetic dispositions, muscular dystrophy and cancer, as well as sufferers of cerebral stroke. The devices are also intended for people with injuries and the elderly.

The company’s goal is to help clients in the world by ensuring the availability of these verified intelligent devices, both at home and in healthcare facilities.

The intelligent devices, which have been developed and manufactured by our company, meet the
requirements of European standards (CE) and have been tested by hundreds of our clients. Easy
operation of these aids represents their main advantage. The devices adapt to the minimal physical
abilities and mobility of a particular user, and additionally, they allow extensibility of their functions in the future according to the client’s wishes, needs and the course of disease. We provide continuous development and innovation.


Our assistive aids can be easily installed at home and used by our clients immediately and  in a simple manner. According to the individual’s priorities, the user operates household appliances and electronics by touching the device with his/her head, knees, hands, arms, mouth, tongue, lips,as well as by using facial expressions or voice. This allows  the user to communicate with the outside world, work and be involved in various forms of entertainment. The devices not only provide more autonomy and independence, but also contribute to the effectiveness of care provided to the user by his/her carers.


Our devices can be easily installed and used in any medical facility as well. Patients will appreciate their help with many things, such as the medical assistance system (Medicall – nurse call, bell, online). A simple touch with head, knees, hands, arms, or using voice, tongue or lips, will make a patient’s stay in a healthcare institution more comfortable.

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BENETRONIC is growing fast!

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